Hello, I'm

René Križák

Desktop and web developer

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1 public class Person {

2     public Person(){

3         this.name = "René Križák";

4         this.skills = ["Desktop", "Web"];

5         this.age = 18;

6     }

7  }

About me

Hi, I'm René Križák, a self-taught desktop and web developer from Slovakia. I've been building stuff for desktop from the middle of 2020 and started making websites in late 2022. I'm currently in my last year of high school. I've made a few side projects, some of which you can find on my GitHub. I'm always open to building and learning new things about sofware development and engineering.

Things I like

I love making things in C#. This language is extremely versatile and you can make pretty much anything in it.
I love solving problems. Programming allows me to solve almost any problem that I have. Its one of my favorite things to do.
It solves every problem I've had with JavaScript. I simply love all the things you can create with it.


Tools I use for desktop development.
I've started using C# in early 2020 and I got pretty solid at that language. It taught me a lot of important concepts, such as OOP.
I've started using WPF in 2021 and its been wonderful at creating responsive desktop applications.
I've got solid grasp of working with SQL and basic experience with NoSQL databases.
Tools I Use for web development.
Express is currently my favorite back end framework for web applications.
I've started learning TypeScript in December 2022 and I've built simple API's and server-side applications.
I'm currently learning React and trying to build awesome web applications.


Desktop chat application

This was a personal project for my High school graduation built using C#, WPF and PostgreSQL

You can check out the source code here:




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